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Franco-Americans of the Year

In its fourth year of existence, the Franco-American Day Committee of Lowell, Massachusetts created an award to recognize a member of the greater Lowell community with the title of Franco-American of the Year as part of their yearly celebration. According to the by-laws the individual selected for this honor must be one of high moral character, speak French and be currently active in perpetuating the French language and its cultural traditions.

2012 Lucien Daple

2011 Rev. Adhémar Deveau, O.M.I.

2010 Cécile M. Provencher

2009 Mr. Normand R. Gauthier

2008 Mrs. Monique Letendre

2007 Prof. Roger Lacerte

2006 Sister Lucille Mercier S.A.S.V.

2005 M. Leo L. Cloutier

2004 Dr. George R. Montminy

2003 Rev. Lucien Sawyer, O.M.I.

2002 Mme Cecile I. Lamoureux

2001 Mr. Raymond E. Chandonnet

2000 Atty. Arthur L. Eno, Jr.

1999 M. George H. Ricard

1998 Mme. Yolande N. Lessard

1997 Sr. Doris Brouillette,S.C.O.

1996 Mme Monique Blanchette

1995 M. Hervé J. Paquin

1994 Mlle Irene Desmarais

1993 Sr. Cecile Poulin, S.C.Q.

1992 M. Roger Brunelle

1991 M. Normand D. Boucher

1990 M. Robert P. Couillard

1989 Mlle Yvette R. Giroux

1988 M. Roland W. Martin

1987 M. Leon L. Lavallée

1986 M. Albert V. Côté

1985 Mme Hélene Pelletier-Jeknavorian

1984 M. Raymond J. Barrette

1983 M. Normand L. Ayotte

1982 Albert A. Daigle

1981 Rev. Armand L. Morissette, O.M.I.

1980 M. Raymond A. Paquin

1979 Mme Marthe Biron Peloquin

1978 M. W. Donald Moison

1977 M. Paul H. Blanchette

1976 M. Rudolphe W. Ouellette

1975 M. Armand W. LeMay