1990M. Robert P. Couillard

Franco-American of the Year 1990
A founding member of the Franco-American Day committee, Robert Couillard has worked consistently for the promotion of the French language, its customs and traditions. French is the language regularly spoken at home. Havaing a penchant for music, he is a member of the Franco-American Male Chorus.



1991M. Normand D. Boucher

Franco-American of the Year 1991
Member of the Franco-American Day Committee for 12 years, Normand Boucher was its President in 1984. At the time of his nomination he was administrator of Social Services at D’Youville Manor where his knowledge of French proved to be an asset. An active member of Ste-Jeanne d’Arc Parish he often served as lector and sang in the choir at the Sunday Masses celebrated in French. He was also a member of La Chorale Orion.



1992M. Roger Brunelle

Franco-American of the Year 1992

A native of Lowell’s Centerville section, Roger Brunelle was a teacher of French and of Latin at Ayer High School in Ayer, Massachusetts when selectied for Franco-American of the Year. He is a Massachusetts representative to ActFANE (Action for Franco-Americans of the North East), a member of the Franco-American Historical Society and of the Salle Biron Committee of the Pollard Memorial Library, the municipal library of Lowell.



1993Sr. Cecile Poulin, S.C.Q.

Franco-American of the Year 1993
One of eight children, Sr. Cécile was born in Beauceville, PQ. She entered the community of The Sisters of Charity of Quebec in 1939 and came to the United States ten years later. She came to Lowell in 1975 and currently teaches French at the Franco American School where she is better know as Sister Grandma. Beside her dedication to the promotion of the French language and its culture, she received this award in recognition of her years of service at L’Ecole Franco-Américaine and her active support of St-Jean-Baptiste Parish.



1994Mlle Irene Desmarais

Franco-American of the Year 1994

An active member of the Cercle Jeanne-Mance for the past 44 years, Miss Desmarais served as its President in 1956. All her life she worked to promote the French language. With a profound knowledge of the French language she served as tutor to many young students and adults. As a septuagenarian she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in French from the University of Massachusetts – Lowell in 1991 after which she continued her post-graduate studies.



1995M. Herve J. Paquin

Franco-American of the Year 1995
Mr. Paquin spent a lifetime working for the preservation and the perpetuation of the French language.  He was an active member of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Parish until it was suppressed in 1994.  Active in various groups promoting French, he is a member of the Club des Citoyens-Américains and a former president of both the Comité de la Semaine Franco-Américaine and the Club Richelieu of Lowell.



1996Mme Monique Blanchette

Franco-American of the Year 1996

Wife of the late Paul Blanchette, 1977 Franco-American of the Year, Monique was deeply involved in the Franco-American movement since her arrival in the United States. A native Québécoise she immediately stood by her husband and actively supported his efforts on behalf of the Franco-American community. Her numerous involvements include la Fédération Féminine Franco-Américaine and le Cercle Jeanne-Mance. She is ever-dedicated to the promotion of our Franco-American culture.



1997Sr. Doris Brouillette, S.C.O.

Franco-American of the Year 1997

At the time of her nomination as Franco-American of the Year, Sister Brouillette, S.C.O. was Director of Pastoral Care at St. Joseph’s Health Center.   Her bilingualism made her an asset and she was often called upon to be an intermediary for patients. The Committee felt that beyond uplifting others, she promoted French language, heritage and culture.



1998Mme Yolande N. Lessard

Franco-American of the Year 1998

Yolande Lessard is a Québécoise who quickly became active in Lowell’s Franco-American community. An active member of Le Cercle Jeanne-Mance, l’Union Saint-Jean-Baptiste and l’Association Canado-Américaine she frequently contributed to Le Journal de Lowell. As a health care professional at D’Youville Manor she finds her French language to be most useful.



1999M. George H. Ricard

Franco-American of the Year 1999

George Ricard is an active member of Lowell’s Franco-American Day Committee and served as its President in 1981. He is also a key member of the Franco-American Club of Forge Village located in the neighboring town of Westford. He was chosen for this award in recognition of his tireless efforts in maintaining the F-A Club as a vibrant entity in the life of Franco-Americana. After it burned to the ground in 1994, George Ricard was a prime mover in seeing to its re-construction and resumption of activities within two years.