2000Atty. Arthur L. Eno, Jr.

Franco-American of the Year 2000
A lawyer by profession, Arthur L. Eno is well known in the field of literature. He is the editor of Cotton Was King: A History of Lowell, Massachusetts. One of his major contributions to the spread of Franco-American culture is his English translation (1991) of Immigrant Odyssey by Félix Albert which is “the story of a French-Canadian lad who was brought up in poverty and never wanted to abandon his parents and whose conduct and accomplishments have been exemplary.” He is also a former president of the Franco-American Historical Society.



2001M. Raymond E. Chandonnet

Franco-American of the Year 2001
Retired teacher, accountant, music director, polyglot – Raymond Chandonnet wears many hats. A member of the Franco-American Day Committee, he was honored by his parish of St-Louis-de-France, where he is currently Choir Director, in being named Man of the Year by the Veterans of St. Louis Church in 1990. Raymond holds a Master’s Degree in French and he is a member of La Chorale Orion. Proud of his Franco-American heritage he believes that “if you deny your roots you really deny who you are in American society.”



2002Mme Cecile I. Lamoureux

Franco-American of the Year 2002

Mrs. Lamoureux’s dedication is exemplified by the fact that she is presently serving her third term as President of Le Cercle Jeanne-Mance of Lowell, an organization founded to promote our French heritage, culture and language. A product of Lowell’s “Petit Canada” she now lives in Pelham, NH and devotes several hours per week as a volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Lowell. Currently, she is also vice-president of Le Club Richelieu of Lowell.



2003Rev. Lucien Sawyer

Franco-American of the Year 2003

A priest and member of the religious order of Oblates of Mary Immaculate as well as an author, Father Sawyer is also know for his translation from French to English of texts relevant to our Franco-American history. He was recognized for his involvement in maintaining the French language and our Franco-American heritage and his untiring devotion in promoting the Franco-American cause.



2004Dr. George R. Montminy

Franco-American of the Year 2004

So far George Montminy has served four terms as president of the Franco-American Day Committee. He is an optician in the family business founded in Lowell almost one hundred years ago and an active member of numerous professional and social organizations. The George Montminy family served as host to one of several French students from St-Dié des Vosges who visited Lowell in 1990.



2005M. Leo L. Cloutier

Franco-American of the Year 2005

Born and bred in “Le Petit Canada,” Leo was honored for his dedication in working for the preservation of the French language and the perpetuation of our Franco-American culture by his participation in numerous organizations such as the Franco-American War Veterans, and as a member of the former Ste. Jeanne d’Arc parish.



2006Sister Lucille Mercier, S.A.S.V.

Franco-American of the Year 2006
The Franco-American Day Committee of Lowell bestowed the title of Franco-American of the year 2006 upon Sr. Lucille Mercier, S.A.S.V.   A native of Lowell, Sr. Lucille attended St. Louis School where she later returned to teach as a Sister of the Assumption.   Daughter of French Canadian immigrants, she was chosen by the Committee for her love of the French language and for fostering French Canadian traditions.   Sister Lucille recently published On American Soil, a history of the Sisters of The Assumption in the United States. She is currently in the process of translating her book into French.



2007Prof. Roger Lacerte

Franco-American of the Year 2007

Roger Lacerte earned his epaulettes to become Franco-American of the Year by breathing, living, thinking and speaking French since birth. Public recognition for his accomplishments in furthering the French language and culture is long overdue to say the least. Among his countless accomplishments he currently hosts a weekly French radio program out of Manchester, New Hampshire. Although a resident of Lowell, he owns and operates La Librairie Populaire, a French bookstore, also in Manchester, NH. He is a founding member of Le Club Richelieu de Lowell and current president of l’Association Canado-Américaine, Cour Domrémy of Lowell. He is also the founder of CAFA, the Committee for the Advancement of French in America.



2008Monique Letendre

Franco-American of the Year 2008

This year’s honor of Franco-American of the Year was awarded to Mrs. Monique (née Marchand) Letendre, a French-speaking native of Lowell and former French/Spanish teacher at Groton-Dunstable High School. She is currently, and has been for many years, on the staff of Ste-Jeanne D’Arc School in Lowell where she is Assistant Principal and 7th and 8th grades French teacher. Her attachment to Ste-Jeanne d’Arc, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2010, is quite strong as it is not only her own Alma Mater, but also that of her children as well as her mother’s. About 10 years ago, at the invitation of the Rotary International, she represented the United States in an academic exchange in France. Her zeal into the promotion of French is not limited to the classroom. Her active membership in the Cercle Jeanne Mance provides her with additional opportunities to foster the French language and Franco-American culture and traditions outside the classroom in a more social environment.



2009Normand R. Gauthier

Franco-American of the Year 2009

Normand was selected for the Franco-American of the Year award by the committee because they recognized in him a man of unquestionable integrity who completely devotes himself to the causes espoused by the organization. An employee of the U.S. Postal Service, each year since his involvement he puts in for vacation time in order to fully immerse himself in the week’s events. He has served five terms as President of the Franco-American Day Committee.