1975M. Armand W. LeMay

Franco-American of the Year 1975
The prime mover in the creation of the Franco-American Day Committee, Armand LeMay has always taken great pride in his Franco-American heritage. As a Councilor and Mayor of the City of Lowell and active member of the Committee, he was instrumental in the acquisition and erection of the Franco-American Monument that stands in front of the Lowell City Hall.



1976M. Rudolphe W. Ouellette

Franco-American of the Year 1976
When selected for the Franco -American of the Year award, Rudolphe “Red” Ouellette was a member of the Appellate Tax Board for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  An active member of the local Franco-American community, he was Commander of the Franco-American War Veterans, a former President of the Club Lafayette and a founding member of the Franco-American day Committee.



1977M. Paul H. Blanchette

Franco-American of the Year 1977
Paul Blanchette received the Franco-American of the Year award for his tireless efforts in promoting Franco-American culture and the French language. An active member of numerous Franco-American organizations the community is especially grateful to him for introducing French language television via cable not only in the Lowell area but also throughout New England.



1978M. W. Donald Moisan

Franco-American of the Year 1978
It was Don Moisan, in May 1975, who made a motion at a meeting of the Franco-American Day Committee to create the Franco-American of the Year award. Beside his participation in Franco-American activities on the local scene, Don Moisan served as President of the Massachusetts American and Canadian French Cultural Exchange Commission.



1979Mme Marthe Biron Peloquin

Franco-American of the Year 1979
This was an historic year for the Franco-American Day Committee as Marthe Peloquin became the first woman to receive the honor of Franco-American of the Year.  A daughter of a publisher of L’Etoile, Lowell’s French language newspaper from 1886 to 1955, Marthe Peloquin is well known to the French community for her fervent zeal in the promotion of the French language and culture by her active participation  in a great number of organizations such as La Fédération Féminine Franco-Américaine and le Cercle Jeanne-Mance.