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There are countless facts concerning Lowell’s Franco-Americans that are very interesting. As we proceed with this website we will try to share some of them with you.

1947 – Junior C.Y.O.




From left to right, First Row: Paul Cote and Paul Bellemare;
Second Row: Gerry Beauchesne, Mike Boutin, Paul Bourgeois, “Red” Lamoureux, Leo Grenier, Paul Marion and Paul Lemieux;
Third Row: Phar Barry, Ray Bergeron, Coach Asselin, Coach “Pop” Boisvert, Andy Pelletier and “Cooch” Courtemanche;
Fourth Row: Leo Parent, “Baldy” Reardon, …Gendreau, Vic Tetreault and Moe Mayotte.


Academie St. Louis- St. Louis Academy, Lowell, Mass.
Junior Class of 1939-1940

St. Louis Academy 1939-1940

Top row: Florence Dureault, Florence Gregoire, Agnes Poisson
2nd row: Lauretta Monette, Marguerite Lafontaine
3rd row: Dorothee Paradis, Veronica McNally
4th row Simonne Morneault, Imelda Frechette
Bottom row: Alice Richards, Yvette Lamarche, (my dearest mother), Georgette Lemieux

The viewer will note that Agnes Poisson dropped out after Junior Year and a new student Gabrielle Ledoux, took her place keeping the graduating class at twelve.

– Dennis J. Taylor Atlanta, Georgia, July 14, 2015


The Aiken Stars Softball Team, 1938-1939, Centralville, Lowell, Mass. Taken at 242 Dalton Street, in Lowell

Home of Coach Hormidas “Jack” Ducharme, who was married to Claire Gendreau, a first cousin to my paternal grandmother, Monique Lebrun Taylor. Claire was an older sister of Assistant coach John Fitzgerald’s wife, Lillian Gendreau.

Aiken Stars Softball Team, 1938-1939

Standing left to right:

  • Mr. “Blackie” Beaudry, Assistant coach
  • Andre “Pecker” Landry, Outfield (his parents hated his nickname)
  • Leon Fontaine, Pitcher & Utility man (was not in uniform due to a shoulder injury; was my mother Yvette Lamarche Taylor’s first serious boyfriend)
  • Hormidas “Jack” Ducharme, Head coach
  • Lucien Matte, 2nd base (1st cousin to Leon Matte, our neighbor and a brother to Charles Matte, who was married to Rita Bergeron; Lucien was also in the Garde Frontenac)
  • Leo “Duke” Doucette, Catcher (also played in the St. Louis Cercle Leader Twi loop)
  • John Fitzgerald, Assistant Coach (married to Lillian Gendreau)

Middle row:

  • Arthur “Chink” Lozeau, Pitcher
  • Ray Rousseau, 3rd Base (got into a fist fight with George Lamarche)
  • George Lamarche, Infield (my maternal uncle, Injured while fighting in Sicily)
  • Henry “Hank” Boudreau, 3rd Base (killed in WWII, August 23, 1943 in Italy)
  • Ray “Starchy” Dame, 3rd Base
  • Victor “Vic” Sawyer, Pitcher (married to Rita “Skip” Aubin)

Front row:

  • Ray Ducharme, son of “Jack” Ducharme, Catcher
  • Ernest “Ernie” Dubois, Infield
  • Peter “Pat” Ducharme (another Ducharme son, Bat & Ball Boy)
  • Victor “Pepete” Bergeron, Left Field and Outfield
  • Robert “Butch” Boucher, Center Field

– Dennis J. Taylor, Atlanta, Ga. July 14, 2015


St. Louis de France Parish School
Lowell Mass. 8th Grade Graduation, June 1937

St. Louis de France Parish School, 1937

Priest: Rev Francis Gauthier

(You will note that there are thirty girls and only seventeen boys. The graduates all carried a scroll and a diploma.)

Left to Right:

Bottom row: Simonne Morneau, Agnes Poisson, unknown, Marguerite Lafontaine, Doris Lavoie, unknown

2nd row: Ruby Patenaude, Doris St. Hilaire, unknown, Doris Pratt, Veronica McNally
3rd row: Pauline Lessard, Evelyn Lessard, unknown, Dorothee Paradis
4th row: Dorothee Hamel, Dorothee Chouinard, Florence Dureault
5th row: Imelda Frechette, Rita Aubin Sawyer, Florence Gregoire. Estelle Jodoin, Therese Corbin
Top row: Beatrice St. Onge, Lauretta Monette, unknown, Alice Richards, Doris Trouville, Cecile Chouinard, Yvette Lamarche, (my dearest mother)

Names of the boys all unknown.

– Dennis J. Taylor, Atlanta, Ga. July 14, 2015