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Le Cercle Jeanne Mance

Cercle Jeanne-Mance

“Le Cercle Jeanne Mance” was founded in 1931 in Lowell by a small group of women desiring to maintain the Franco-American heritage. Inspired by Jeanne Mance, a lay woman who came from France to Montreal to establish a hospital for the colonist in 1642, the members would set their objectives: preservation of their faith and language; promotion of social, cultural and charitable activities in keeping with their French heritage.

Each year a scholarship is awarded to a young lady, a high-school senior, in the Greater Lowell area who intends to pursue French studies in college.

Le Cercle’s membership of 65 members, invite anyone interested in the Franco-American culture to join.

The monthly meetings chaired by a member volunteer, is responsible for the program for that month.  They include card parties, pot luck suppers, tea party socials, an occasionally guest speaker, and all look forward to the annual December Christmas banquet.  The scheduled meetings for March, April and May (after the Jan/Feb winter break) conclude the season with our June “Presentation Banquet” for the awarding of our scholarship to a deserving young lady.

For information call:
Claudette Gagnon, Presidente 978-221-5959