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Saint Louis Academy

In 1982 Saint Louis Elementary School in Lowell, MA celebrated its 75th anniversary and commemorated the 64th year of Saint Louis Academy.  The following is a brief history of the Academy as it appeared in the souvenir booklet for the occasion.

In 1918 the educational role of the parish was extended by opening St. Louis Academy, a Secondary business school for young women, staffed by the Sisters of the Assumption.

It began as a two year high school and by 1932 a third year was added.  It was not till 1939 that St. Louis Academy became a four year high school.  In the late forties the college preparatory course of studies was introduced into its curriculum.

Today the school is unique in that it is one of the few schools entirely staffed by religious.  Sister Marguerite Normand is principal of St. Louis Academy which presently has 128 students.

Unfortunately the uniqueness of the Academy was short lived and following the directive from the Archdiocese of Boston St. Louis Academy along with three other Catholic schools in the city merged to become Lowell Catholic High School in 1990.

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